Ruohang Culture

  He said: “people are all meant to die, but what unique of everyone’s fate. Everyone of us all have a short stay in this world: don’t know what’s the purpose, although self-thinking of knowing something.”
 However, without deep thoughts you can get to know from daily lives:people are living for others—first of all, those whose joy and health connecting to our whole happiness; then those we don’t know whose fates are connected with us closely through the bond of sympathy.I remind myself for hundreds of times every day: my spirtitual and material life is depending on others’ labor (including the live and the death), then I must spend equal strength to repay the given and still being given things.I strongly look forward to the simple life, and often feel painly to find me costing too much labor of my fellow citizens.I believe the class distinction is unreasonable, which is based on the violence in essence. I also believe the simple life, either physically or spiritually, is good for everyone.”

  Logo of Ruoer General Aviation Development Group is basically round-circle composed.
  It is mainly composed of golden and blue color, with  golden color symbolizing elegance and blue color symbolizing blue sky.