Membership Application

A,To know about us :

   Please read carefully about Ruohang website: www.ruohang.
      com about our membership recruitment information.

     If having any question, please don’t hesitate to call our membership service manager: Miss Wang 

     Customer Serive Call: 400-8811-202(Monday to Friday 08:30--17:00)

     Around-the-clock Contact:138 519 66999

B,To fill in the application form:

    Download e-version”Ruoxiang aviation club member application form” from      
    website After filling out, send back to the assigned e-mail address: or     
   fax: 025 5828 1111

    The personal information about the applicants will strictly confidential. 

    Download the application forms 
   【IFHC Club member application】

   Download Membership Standard::  

   【IFHC Member】

C,Membership Fee Payment:

     Please transfer the membership fee to the appointed account, and fax the fee invoice to 025 58281111 or mail to A1201 Building C, Jiangning Road 5#, Nanjing    To : Miss Wang Yan 

     Post Code: 210029

     Account Name: Nanjing Ruoer General Aviation Co., Ltd.

     Account Opening Bank: Pukou Branch, Nanjing, Argriculture Bank of China

     Account: 122001040219330

D,Reply to membership application: 

 Ruohang will pay due respect to every membership applicant and make the following arrangements: 

(1)After receiving your membership application form and fee payment invoice, we will make arrangements for you to have the flight student health check, which if you get through, you will get a health check pass and be issued a flight student card. And we will sign a membership contract with you to conduct the membership/training formalities. 

(2)If you don’t pass the health check, after deducting the relevant health check fee we will refund the remaining money to your account, and offer you the relevant invoice. 

Club Member Pre-stored Fee:

In order to let the club members enjoy the convenience of paying various services, Ruoxiang Aviation Club offer you club member pre-stored fee, with the stored value decided by yourself, but you should consider storing enough fee as for emergency flights and other services.(The stored fee can be refunded only if club member should notify the club side to make financial arrangements 60 days ahead.)

Membership Transfer:

(1)If club members have any special circumstances and will transfer his/her membership, please apply to the club, and transfer all the materials of the transferor, and after the club examination and the transferee paying relevant commission charge, we will conduct relevant formalities.  

(2)Membership Transfer Agreement will be signed on the spot by the club,the member,and the transferee, with the left fee in the card transferred at the same time.